Saturday, December 6, 2008

my life


I'm juz like other typical gurl..

got allot of fwenz, enemy, bezt fwenz n a love one.. =p

my life seems 2 be perfect..
i got almost evrythng dat i want..


no one knows what i feel inside..

n i dont care anymore wat people wanna say bout me..

go ahead! keep talking bout me..

cuz i know im a hot topic 2 talk about rite???
so, i try to be such a hepy lucky gurl ever.. =p

i love my family..
i love my bestie..

i love my fwen..
n i love my LOVE life.(even its damn complicated!).. =p

this is my bestfwenz..

from left: syazah, natrah, dina, ayu (me), kina.

diz is da 1st n last pic dat gather all of us togther..


we'r not diz close anymore..

there's alot of thngs dat brake us apart..

dina... syazah... really hope dat both of u can get along togther back..

really HATE those gap dat we have rite now..

siyes.. aku rndu mse2 kte hangout same2!! :'(
jgn lah gado2 dh.......

now! nieh jelah yg tnggal..
ayu, syazah n kina...

but i still cntct n close wit dina..

juz if im wit them..

dina xkn ade.. n i xkn ckp psal dina..

when im with dina..
ill nver evr talk about syaz..
ble lah nk baek nieh geng??
rindu mse2 kte maen bowlng n buat marathon movie same2..

t'ngin nk wndow shopng rmai2.. :(

from left : jiha, ayu (me), mieza, jira..

n now...
i found a new frenz...
here in ukm..
they change my life..
we love 2 laugh!!
hahaha =D
they know how to make me smile when im sad...
they know how to remove all my sadness...
they r the best!
weh..aku syg kat kowng!!!
thnkz sgt2 sbb tlng aku wat ''HERITAGE RACE" nieh...
syg kowng!!
jom maen pengsan2...
hahaha =p

diz is my bestie!!!
meet mieza...

she's my fav fwenz!
we'r quite close..
she so funny!
n da best damn thng is......
die slalu tman aku kat blik ble rumate aku xpnah ade....
die slalu tman aku g mkn.....
die slalu bg nasihat kat aku...
die da mcm kakak..
n die tawu+ fham prngai jht aku nieh...
syg sgt kat kamo!
thnkz eh bnyk tlng owg slame nieh..
hahaha =p (same dgn P)