Wednesday, September 1, 2010

- as usual -

hoola bloggers~
venue : lab komputer FEP
time : 2.25

like usual..
evry one keep pointing to othes..
none of they see their own fault..
' u r the one who...'
'u did....'
'u do that'
'u do this... '
bla.. bla.. bla...
n yes i do admit..
its about me too..

but when thngs get worst..
i strt thngking again..
wat did all of us want acctly??
why thng became more n more complicated..
did we apologise to each other?? yes we did??
but did we truly forgive?? no!!!! i bet thats the answer..
coz u know what..
apologise came with hope..
hope that things will change..
not back like b4..
but atleast chnge to a better ways..
n its not happening!!!!
thngs get worst..
n what did u expect we feel about it??
happy 4 all this crap??
laughing n talking bout u al the time??
instead of talking we are done with crying!!!!!
we are done letting u hurting all of us..
not juz we but us!!

like what one of my pal said..
' keadaan semakin pelik'
yes.. all of us feel it..
but only her have the guts to say it!!
the other??
perhaps juz wanna let the time decide..
perhaps wanna keep the tears to them self..
n perhaps they/we sick of it n choose to let it be like this..

... to be continue......