Saturday, January 1, 2011


owh ho~ siresly now ni i xthu ape yg i nk..
nk mlangkah ke depan i xbrani,
nk patah balik ke belakang pon i xbrani..
sy terlalu slesa bile brada di zon selamat now ni
smpai xbrani dah nk ambil risiko pape..
mungkin i takot kecewa lagi...

i need to do somethng but i cant,
i need an action based on my decision.
but i cant made a decision just because i need it one right now..
decision can only be made when im ready enough to made it..
so,in a meanwhile i need to be strong.. fuuhh~

k chaww~!!

p|s : im not sure bout my feeling n what i want..
but i think im not ready yet to loose u.. huh