Friday, July 26, 2013

Its been a while.
since i get my finger to touch the keyboard for this site.
and since that.
i have a lot of things happened in my life.
a lot.
which no one can imagine.

from heartbroken, false hope, friends, family, career and etc.
you named it.
sometimes i feel like giving up.
feel like give up is the only option i ever have.
but. its not my turn to play the cards.

for first time in my life today.
i feel like i'm alone in this world.
alone with all this friends around me.
alone with all their laughter.
alone that i have never experience before.

'God have his own plans for me'
that what i have said to myself.
over and over again.
to make myself feel better when i know it wont.

- anonymous-