Friday, June 4, 2010

- life -

life is juz like a wheel..
once u up..
n than u down..

once u said no i dont..
n than u said yes i do..

once u talk bout others..
n than others will talk bout u..

once u broke his/her heart..
n than he/she brake urs..

once u said u will not do it..
n than either u realise or not u do it..

life is simple... either we realise it or not...
we keep repeating the same mistake that others do..

that y olders did advise not to talk/care bout peopleso much..
bcoz one day u'll do it either u realise or not...

once u talk bout me.. n now look at u...
didnt learn from my mistake.. but repeating my mistake..

remember this idiom?
' revenge is sweet '
people did HATE this idiom..
but why they still act like that idiom??

stop blaming others bcoz its wont work..
stop talking bout people when u want others do the same thing..
do respect people desicion/life/needs when u want the same thing goes to u...

last but not least..
stop talking but start moving...

'simple thing 4 simple people in this simple situation with our simple care'